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City of London • Sun Nov, 2023


Step into the world of artistic brilliance with 'Retrospective', a captivating art show by the renowned British multimedia contemporary artist, Zoobs Ansari. Curated by the prestigious Art Concepts London, this exhibition promises to be a visual feast for art enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

Part 1 of 'Retrospective' debuted at COYA Mayfair in July, and now, part 2 is set to dazzle at COYA City, with an official launch event scheduled for November. This two-part extravaganza is a testament to Zoobs Ansari's exceptional talent and creative journey spanning various mediums.

At the heart of this exhibition are Zoobs Ansari's iconic photographs, which he meticulously crafted during his time in the vibrant landscapes of New York and Los Angeles from 2014 to 2019. These photographs capture the essence of urban life and human emotions, revealing the artist's unique perspective on the world.

In addition to the captivating photographs, 'Retrospective' also showcases a selection of Ansari's paintings, created in the different atmosphere of London in 2021, which reflect his ability to transcend artistic boundaries and continually reinvent himself.

For more information about 'Retrospective' by Zoobs Ansari and to inquire about the artworks on display, please contact Art Concepts London. Join us on this extraordinary artistic journey and immerse yourself in the world of one of Britain's most remarkable contemporary artists.

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