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Mykonos NFT

COYA Mykonos has collaborated with Samantha Lomas, the talent behind the women-empowerment brand The Sassy Crayon. 

Her COYA collection combines traditional techniques with modern technologies to take viewers on a symbolic journey through Incan mythology that honours the past, present and future. Each NFT represents a different Incan god, including majestic and awe-inspiring figures such as COYA – Queen of the Incas and Mama Quilla – God of the Moon. 


To celebrate COYA’s 10-year anniversary, each COYA across the globe has collaborated with local artists to decorate 10 glass pisco jars in honour of our landmark birthday. All pisco jars are displayed around each COYA for guests to enjoy. COYA Mykonos has collaborated with Scottish-born artist and designer Johanna Fleming. With vast experience in illustrated ceramics, she boasts a unique drawing style that carefully hovers between dreams and reality.  

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