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Dubai – Anwar Rouane

Born and raised in UK, Dubai based Anwar has exhibited at key art galleries across Middle East and London.  Inspired by Peruvian culture, his collection reflects the beauty and colour of South American people and tribes. Uniquely bringing them to life with a fresh, street style, using a modern touch and older techniques.


Born in Saudi, raised in Dubai, Farida is a talented artist and jewellery designer. Mother Nature celebrates women in all their glory and was inspired by nature, motherhood, and her deep admiration towards the beauty, strength, and grace of women.  

UAE-based NFT artist Puja Tiwari channelled her colourful, whimsical and fantastical style for the collaboration. Known as 1800.Weirdo, her works are inspired by her vivid dreams and nightmares. Influenced by the mystic tales of Peruvian culture, COYA’s vibrant values and the history of the UAE, her tenacious yet playful NFTs for COYA symbolise the fine line between masculine and feminine. Like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, her pieces are built from the same values and ethos but still boast their own distinctive personality. Adorned with Aztec motifs in tribute to Peru and sand dunes in honour of Dubai’s natural surroundings, her female figure is an ode to COYA Dubai, while the male figure’s nautical theme represents COYA Abu Dhabi’s waterfront position on Al Maryah Island.


To celebrate COYA’s 10-year anniversary, each COYA across the globe has collaborated with local artists to decorate 10 glass pisco jars in honour of our landmark birthday. All pisco jars are displayed around each COYA for guests to enjoy. Influenced by fashion, glamour, glossy magazines and celebrity culture, Pop and Toasts pisco jars are bright, bold and striking. Moza Almansoori used bold acrylic paints for her pisco jars and Farida Abushady channeled her fine art skills into her pisco jars. 

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